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BOTANICALS such as Mother Tinctures (MT) and Gemmotherapics (1D), and HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES are excellent to help patients suffering from overwork disorders. For botanicals, be careful with the degree of alcohol, especially in mother tinctures (MT), and the toxicity of the plant itself. Adults should take 50 to 100 drops a day. HOMEOPATHICS, in 9CH take 3 to 5 grains 1 to 3 times a day, in 15CH take one dose everyday if necessary, or as needed, according to symptoms.

Stimulate body and mind

Regulates and improves central nervous system functions, insulin activity, hypercholesterolemia, increases appetite, stimulates suprarenal and sexual ant-inflammatory, protects against bacteria and virus glands : PANAX GINSENG MT

Stress, stimulates organism against outside and inside aggressions :


Stimulate memory

Regulates sleep disorders : KALIUM PHOSPHORIUM 9CH

Depressive state, apathetic : PHOSPHORIC ACID 15CH

Appetite disorders


Loss of appetite, nervous insomnia : ANGELICA MT

Fatigue, convalescence, moderate depression : AVENA SATIVA MT

Calm anxiety pressure

Sighing, sinking in stomach, effects of grief : IGNATIA 9CH

Oversensitive, cannot bear noise odor light touch, irritable, sullen : NUX VOMICA 9CH

Conflicts, from restrained anger, touchy, violent : STAPHYSAGRIA 9CH

Angers, restless and whining, impatient and intolerant : CHAMOMILLA 9CH and 15CH

Dizziness, drowsiness, dullness and trembling, thoracic anguish : GELSEMIUM 15CH

Restless and hasty, fears lift high place bridge mall : ARGENTUM NITRICUM 15CH

Cardiac asthma, palpitations, insomnia : SUMBUL 5CH with MELISSA MT

Spasms, pains, sedative, suitable for children : ESCHSCHOLTZIA CALIFORNICA MT

Regulate sleep

Sedative plants : PASSIFLORA MT and VALERIANA MT

Hypochondriac, neurosis, spasms digestive, lung, womb : BALLOTA NIGRA MT

Heart weakness, depression, elderly : CRATAEGUS YOUNG SHOOTS 1XH

Digestive spasms and migraine, suitable for children : TILIA TOMENTOSA BUDS 1X

Intensely sympathetic, fearful, restless legs at night, < twilight : CAUSTICUM 9CH

Night terrors, melancholy, delusions : KALIUM BROMATUM 9CH

Nervous sensitiveness, timid, < by music, asthma and digestive spasms : AMBRA GRISEA 9CH

Full of ideas and activity, from sudden emotions : COFFEA 9CH

Migraines, depression, < by consolation, < by sun : NATRUM MURIATICUM 15CH

Slightest work seems a heavy task, no memory, night terrors : KALI.PHOSPHORICUM 9CH

All copyrights to Dr Michel Bouko Levy M.D. – May 2014

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