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Menopause: Help! I don’ t recognize myself…

For the last year, Lilly has kept her doctor very busy. Not a week passes by without her calling him, and the consultations are not only more and more frequent but endless. Lilly has exhausted all the Greek and Latin medical language she could think about when asking her questions, and her doctor is pulling his hair out in frustration.

It started with a painful breast congestion appearing soon after one of her rare and capricious menses. A dose of FOLLICULINUM 15CH on the 7th, 14th, and 21st day of the menstrual cycle quickly alleviated Lilly’s pain and regulated her little blood flow.

The second part of her menstrual cycle however was a real back and forth between two ailments. Lilly, anxious, did a deep cleaning of her house and moved some furniture around until she suddenly started suffering from violent headaches. She picked up the phone and her doctor, an angel of patience, found a way to give her a prescription: “Take one single dose of CIMICIFUGA 15CH and please, always keep some CIMICIFUGA 9CH handy and take 3 to 5 granules as needed.”

Lilly then became debilitated by severe lumbar pains, and her menses where not coming. It had to be karma! ”Do take KALIUM CARBONICUM 9CH, 3 to 5 granules, as often as necessary.”

The next tragedy occurred during the night, announcing her blood flow. Lilly was dreaming of work, worries and family, woke up several times with hot flashes, anxious and restless. Our devoted doctor saw his faithful patient as an emergency. Her blood pressure was now 145 / 90, vascular disease was in sight. “Start with one single dose of LACHESIS 9CH, and take 3 granules of IGNATIA 7CH every evening.”

But it wasn’t the end of the trouble, far from it. Lilly’s skin gets dry, her pelvis starts itching… “Doctor, I have acne like an adolescent! It’s horrible! Please tell me what to do!” The kind doctor obliged: ”Take 50 drops of BORRAGO OFFICINALIS M.T. and OENANTERA BIENNIS M.T., in a little water, at dinner time.”

Lilly required a gynecologist, a neurologist, a rheumatologist, a cardiologist, and a dermatologist, in other words one single doctor: a homeopath!

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