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Sleep Disorders


BOTANICALS such as Mother Tinctures (MT) contain a certain degree of alcohol which is reduced by dilution to 1X, but Gemmotherapics (1D) are better since they contain the strongest power of the plant. The usual amount of drops to be taken depends on plant toxicity and patient sensitivity. It is better to start low and increase progressively: adults, 50 to 100 drops per day – elderly and children over 60 pounds, 10 to 40 drops.


PANAX GINSENG MT: physical and mental general tonic, regulates and improves central nervous system functions, increases appetite, stimulates suprarenal and sexual glands

ALFALFA MT: stimulates appetite and digestion, improve mental and physical energy, stimulates lactation

CINCHONA OFFICINALIS MT: asthenia general tonic, long lasting disease, fever

ELEUTHEROCOCCUS MT: stress, stimulates organism against outside and inside aggression

ESCHSCHOLTZIA CALIFORNICA MT: spasms, pain, sedative action, enuresis


BALLOTA MT: digestive and thoracic spasms, neurosis, hypochondria

LAVENDULA MT: sedative, anorexia, headache, neurasthenia, palpitations

PASSIFLORA MT: muscle spasm, sedative action, heart anxiety

TILIA TOMENTOSA BUDS 1DH: sedative action, digestive migraine, suitable for children

VALERIANA MT: anxiety from overworking, spasms head heart digestive

For depression, start with 20 drops 3 times a day of the following combination:

HYPERICUM MT: sedative, psycho-vegetative disorders, acts slowly and progressively

PIPER METHYSTICUM MT: narcotic and analgesic action, relax muscles


CRATAEGUS YOUNG SHOOTS 1XH: fatigue, tachycardia, thoracic spasms, elderly and children, depression

LEONURUS CARDIACA MT: general heart tranquilizer, reduces pulse and tension

MELISSA OFFICINALIS MT: tranquilizer, nervous pains, spasms face heart digestive

Some botanicals used for heart diseases have a strong toxicity, start with 10 drops 3 times a day :

CONVALLARIA MT: digitalis-like action, moderate cardiac insufficiency, diuretic

RAUWOLFIA SERPENTINA MT: high blood pressure, hypothalamus limbic system and vasomotor center tranquilizer

All copyrights to Dr Michel Bouko Levy M.D. – May 2014

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