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Homeopathic Drainage for Colitis

Among the digestive emunctories, the colon is slow and regulates internal immune organization, and the stomach is fast and first to eliminate toxins. Emotional conflicts often rule the patient’s expression: pain, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea, particular temperament.


Restless impatience, destroying rage, teething colic: CHAMOMILLA 9CH

Restrained anger, indignation, feeling of injustice, > bending double: COLOCYNTHIS 9CH

First for cramps, thorax, abdomen, limbs, face, hysteria: CUPRUM METAL 5CH

Spasms and cramps, changing mood suddenly, paradoxical: IGNATIA 9CH

Spasms major remedy, < cold, > heat and rubbing: MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA 9CH

Frustration, sexual or authority, anger, consumed by vengeance: STAPHYSAGRIA 9CH


With mainly diarrhea, hemorrhoids, food excesses, SULFUR companion remedy: ALOE 5CH

Great distention, flatulent colic > by passing wind, fetid flatus : CARBO VEGETABILIS 5CH

Diarrhea, belching of bitter liquid without relief, gall stone: CHINA 5CH

Nausea and vomiting with faintness, spasmodic yawning, < riding: COCCULUS 5CH

Loose morning stools, ascending colon, duodenal catarrh: NATRUM SULFURICUM 9CH

Indigestion, excesses of food, alcohol and activity, constipation, headache: NUX VOMICA 5CH

Constipation, liquid stools, post operative gas pains: RAPHANUS 5CH


Noisy eructation which relieve, irrational fears: ARGENTUM NITRICUM 5CH

Hiccough, salty saliva, sleepiness, moroseness and lassitude, migraines: CYCLAMEN 9CH

Fainting fits, coldness, chest anxiety: MOSCHUS 9CH

Drowsiness, fainting, constipation, hemorrhoids: NUX MOSCHATA 5CH

Central Remedies:

Exhausted, blood and infection, loss of weight: ARSENICUM ALBUM 9CH

Hot and painful right hypochondrium, hot eructation, hepatitis: AURUM METAL 9CH

Full abdomen after first mouthful, craves sweets and everything warm: LYCOPODIUM 9CH

Sudden weakness in abdomen, like empty, sharp cutting pains: PHOSPHORUS 9CH

Constipation, milk is a poison, craves for acids: SEPIA 9CH

From excesses, sweets, alcohols, skin conditions: SULFUR FLAVUM 9CH

Therapeutic Drainage:

Abuse of laxatives: HYDRASTIS 5CH

Constipation, extremely painful, hemorrhoids:

– portal and pelvic congestion, children, pregnancy: COLLINSONIA 5CH

– cracks in rectum, bleeding, craves for fat: NITRIC ACID 5CH

Diarrhea, rectum insecurity, hepatic congestion: PODOPHYLLUM 5CH

Headaches digestive with constipation: BRYONIA 5CH

Hepatic drainage:

– diarrhea, pain in right angle of scapula: CHELIDONIUM 6DH

– constipated, chronic hepatitis: TARAXACUM 3DH

Milk intolerance, sour eructation, diarrhea:

– milk passes undigested, sensitive to least touch: MAGNESIA CARBONICA 5CH

– excess of acidity, worms: NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM 5CH

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