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Arti Patel, ND British Columbia

“Dr. Levy’s course was very easy for me to access, both the audio recordings and the notes. Not only did I learn a lot that was never covered at medical school, I also enjoyed Dr. Levy’s teaching style. He introduces large concepts with creative diagrams and catchy examples (like describing Calc. Carb. as someone like Gorbachev). Then, when he covers individual remedies or more specific learning points, there is already a big picture to frame the details against that makes it easier to remember. <br><br>

Dr. Levy is funny too, and I also like how he talks about bringing homeopathy away from dusty old textbooks and into the modern world. I’ve been wanting to see homeopathy brought into the modern world for so long ever since I attended school. His notes were very easy to follow and brought forward the most important points, organizing the remedies according to what makes sense. The way he covered the natrum group and the sycotic was illuminating for me. “

Therese Desjarlais-Renaud, MD Orleans, ON

What I like is his scientific approach, which means that application of homeopathy is logical, instead of simply “book recipe”.

Rose Johnston, MD Trura, NS

I found Dr. Bouko Levy’s clinical knowledge excellent and his system of teaching imparting his years of experience and study to us in a real and applicable way invaluable. I really appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge and his personable way of teaching. I am very impressed with this course. Thank you.

Eugenie Anderson, MD Phoenix, AZ

To study and master homeopathy has proved to be much more difficult than anything I ever had to do in standard medical school. The traditional medical schools require memorization only. There needs be no true understanding of the implication and meaning of symptoms and what they say about the patient’s entire state. Homeopathy requires a much deeper knowledge of the human (animal) state. It is an amazing discipline and Dr. Bouko Levy successfully combines the art and the science of homeopathy.

Robert Battle, MD Houston, TX

True artisan – enthusiastic, humorous, well organized, comprehensive – progresses nicely from fundamentals to complex.

Sabina Schmitt, DO Plymouth, MA

Just great… Radiates knowledge, sensitivity, healing, sensitive to integrating current medicine with homeopathy.

Tony Lu, MD Chicago, IL

Excellent teacher / mentor.

Daniel Dieska, DDS Tinley Parl, IL

The best in depth course I’ve taken in homeopathy! Very intense and comprehensive.

Nora Quiason, MD Tinley Park, IL

Dr. Bouko Levy is a very dynamic speaker who is able to make a very confusing body of knowledge understandable to a beginner. His lectures satisfy the physicians need for learning pathogenesis and dynamics of diseases and remedies.

Carlos Reynes, MD Franklin, IL

Thank you for re-teaching me how to approach patients and for bringing excitement back to patient care.

Anna Marie Lambertson, MD Ft Wayne, IN

I am very pleased to be a part of this and thrilled to have someone in homeopathy address clinical diseases.

​Nada Beserminji, MD Toronto, ON

His approach is practical, diversified and above all sensible. I knew about homeopathy but could not understand it until I came to his seminar. For the first time, I was explained homeopathy from a medical point of view which corresponds to my medical training. I was then able to integrate it into my practice easily – and right away.

​Irvine Korman, MD Willowdale, ON

Dr. Bouko Levy is revolutionary. He is original in coordinating the concept of modern homeopathy and drainage. His teaching has made a big difference in my practice.

Shaffia Laue, MD Lawrence, KS

I have never had to work so much for CME credits, but I have never learned this much either…”

Aline Fournier, MD Escondido, CA


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