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Nux Vomica

NERVOUS REGULATOR NUX VOMICA, by Michel Bouko Levy, MD General: sudden variations of nervous flux, violent stimulation of nervous centers, bulb and brain, spine and… Read More »Nux Vomica


PULSATILLA General Action Great changeableness, of the patient and of its symptoms.   Catarrhal conditions, acute and sub-acute, discharges copious, creamy, thick, and bland.  … Read More »Pulsatilla


SILICEA   General Action Slow and deep on general nutrition. Cellular cement.   Debility, nervous and physical, by lack of assimilation. Demineralization, caries, chronic suppuration… Read More »Silicea


SULFUR  General Action  Psora leader, centrifugal power.  Constituent of all parts of body, proteins, enzymes and their processes, skeleton, cartilage, muscles, skin, nails, hair, nervous… Read More »Sulfur


Hayfever is related to allergies, arthritis, asthma, coughs, eczema, itching. Satellite remedies – 3 granules, as needed  Sneezing: ALLIUM CEPA 9CH / NUX VOMICA 9CH… Read More »Hayfever

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