Download These Clinical Studies and Treatment Protocols

The articles below were published by Dolisos Canada.


Arnica: Double blind clinical study on the use of arnica in the treatment of injury.

Bryonia: Inflammatory reaction

Ignatia and Gelsemium: Proof of the anxiolyolitic effect of homeopathic medication – treatment of anxiety

Pollen 30 CH: Prevention and treatment of pollen allergies

Pollen Allergies: Clinical trial and remedies


Rosmarinus Officinalis: Hepatoprotective role demonstrated against free radicals 

Ribes Nigrum: A powerful anti-inflammatory agent  


Copper: Fighting infection and inflammatory diseases

Lithium: Use of catalytic dosage of lithium in neuro-endocrine system disorders

Manganese and associations: Treatment of allergies with oligotherapy

Copper Gold Silver: Treatment of fatigue  with oligotherapy


Thymulinum 7C: prevention of E.N.T. infections in children

Folliculinum 9C: Treatment of P.M.S. symptoms


Receptors and Homeopathic Response