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Homeopathic Drainage Online Course – Session 2

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  • 12.50  CME credits (C.0.N.0)
  • 15.00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.) 

The Sycotic: The sycosis: oedema and suppuration, clinical and   biological aspects, sycotic reactional modes • Homeopathic consultation: pregnancy, delivery, nursing • The natrum group: natrum muriaticum, comparative materia medica and satellites • Causticum, thuya occidentalis, comparative medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: suppuration, vaccination, isopathics

The Osteoarticular System: Degeneration and arthrosis  • Four osteoarticular remedies, comparative materia medica and satellites: bryonia alba, phytolacca decandra, rhus toxicodendron, solanum dulcamara • Homeopathic consultation: rheumatology, lumbar-sciatic nerve pain • Anatomic remedies of the osteoarticular system • Homeopathic consultation: the shoulder, biotherapeutic and homeopathic injectables in rheumatology • Homeopathic consultation: torticollis

The Tuberculinic: Tuberculinism: degeneration and demineralization, clinical and biological aspects, tuberculinic reactional mode • The silicium group: pulsatilla, silicea, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: cough, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis • Phosphorus, arsenicum album, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: liver insufficiency, hepatitis, tuberculinum, tuberculins and the B.C.G. vaccination

Total Length:15 hours and 38 minutes

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