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Homeopathic Drainage Online Course – Session 1

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  • 16.15 CME credits (C.0.N.0)
  • 16.00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.) 

​Homeopathy, A Medicine to Rediscover – ​From the Concrete to the Abstract – The Psoric

Homeopathy, A Medicine to Rediscover:Fundamentals of homeopathy: an experimental medicine, general rules, science and philosophy • Methodology • Constitution and diathesis • Homeopathic consultation: influenza • Classification of remedies according to their chemical properties • Remedies for inflammation: aconitum napellus, apis mellifica, atropa belladonna, ferrum phosphoricum, gelsemium sempervirens • Homeopathic consultation: trauma and etiological remedies

From the Concrete to the Abstract: Regulating the autonomic nervous system through constitution and diathesis • Three metals for spasm: cuprum, ferrum, magnesia • Comparative materia medica and satellites  • Homeopathic consultation: parasites • Remedies for excitability: actea racemosa, ambra grisea, ignatia amara for the spasmodic patient;  chamomilla matricaria, gelsemium sempervirens for the congestive patient • Homeopathic consultation: anorexia, boulimia, obesity

The Psoric: The psora: spasm and congestion, clinical and biological aspects • Psoric reactional modes • The calcium group: calcarea carbonica, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: treatment for acute rhinopharyngitis • The sulfur group: nux vomica, sulfur flavum, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: the emunctories • Homeopathic consultation: tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis

Total Length: 16 hours and 15 minutes

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