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Homeopathic Drainage Online Course – Session 10

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  • 11.50 C.O.N.O. CME credits
  • 15.00 O.B.N.M. CME credits

Mental Disorders of the Child: The child through the four reactive modes: psoric, sycotic, luetic, tuberculinic • Sea remedies: ambra grisea, calcarea carbonica, natrum muriaticum, sepia etc… • The capricious child • Hyperactivity • The slow or apathetic child • Mental disorders of children during school

Fears: Natural fears along the line of life • The four reactional modes through psychiatric • Anatomic remedies of the tightenings • The choice of homeopathic symptoms • Irritability and anger • A clinical case • Depression and manic depression

Total length: 11 hours and 25 minutes

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