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Homeopathic Drainage Online Course – Session 9

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  • 15.00 C.O.N.O. CME credits
  • 15.50 O.B.N.M. CME credits

Skin Diseases : Eczema: the logic of the system •  Reactive modes and skin diseases • The line of life and its four spirals • Drainage of the essential emunctories  • Skin aspects, essential polycrests • When and how to use low and high potencies • A clinical case

Essential Skin Diseases: Itching • Herpes • Scars and discoloration • Warts and moles • Erysipela, furunculosis • Psoriasis

Morbid Alternation: Recurrence • Digestive system • Respiratory system • Mental disorders • A clinical case

Total Length: 15 hours and 35 minutes

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