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Course Description

Approved For CME Credits By C.O.N.O. (Canada) and O.B.N.M (United States)

The Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage course was taped in Toronto, ON (Canada). It was then repeated in the United States with seminars in Chicago, IL. Tucson, AZ, and Fort Lauderdale, FL. At that time, it was sponsored for CME credits by Case Western Reserve School of Medicine as “Homeopathy and Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapies.” Time has passed, but the foundations of homeopathic drainage remain the same.

“This course gives any practitioners the nuts and bolts of Homeopathic Drainage, tools they can implement in their practice right away, and an in-depth understanding that they can build upon with confidence.” Michel Bouko Levy, MD.

It is approved for category A CME credits by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (C.O.N.O.) in Canada and for general CME credits by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (O.B.N.M) in the United States.


Session 1: Homeopathy, a Medicine to Rediscover – From the Concrete to the Abstract – The Psoric
Session 2: The sycotic – The Osteoarticular System – The Tuberculinic
Session 3: The Luetic  Digestive and Skin Disorders – Skin Disorders
Session 4: Allergies – The Genito-Urinary System – Immunization and Vaccinosis
Session 5: Cardiovascular System – Neurophychiatry
Session 6: The Immune System – Isopathy – Vaccination
Session 7: Etiology – Tumors – Homeopathic Follow up of Cancerous Patient
Session 8: Woman’s Health – Menopause – Pregnancy, Delivery, Nursing
Session 9: Skin Diseases – Essentials Skin Diseases – Morbid Alternation
Session 10: Mental Disorders of the Child – Fears



  • 16.15  CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 16.00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

Homeopathy, A Medicine to Rediscover:Fundamentals of homeopathy: an experimental medicine, general rules, science and philosophy • Methodology • Constitution and diathesis • Homeopathic consultation: influenza • Classification of remedies according to their chemical properties • Remedies for inflammation: aconitum napellus, apis mellifica, atropa belladonna, ferrum phosphoricum, gelsemium sempervirens • Homeopathic consultation: trauma and etiological remedies

From the Concrete to the Abstract: Regulating the autonomic nervous system through constitution and diathesis • Three metals for spasm: cuprum, ferrum, magnesia • Comparative materia medica and satellites  • Homeopathic consultation: parasites • Remedies for excitability: actea racemosa, ambra grisea, ignatia amara for the spasmodic patient;  chamomilla matricaria, gelsemium sempervirens for the congestive patient • Homeopathic consultation: anorexia, boulimia, obesity

The Psoric: The psora: spasm and congestion, clinical and biological aspects • Psoric reactional modes • The calcium group: calcarea carbonica, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: treatment for acute rhinopharyngitis • The sulfur group: nux vomica, sulfur flavum, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: the emunctories • Homeopathic consultation: tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis

Total Length: 16 hours and 15 minutes


  • 16.15 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 16.00 CME credits (O.B.N.M. )

The Sycotic: The sycosis: oedema and suppuration, clinical and   biological aspects, sycotic reactional modes • Homeopathic consultation: pregnancy, delivery, nursing • The natrum group: natrum muriaticum, comparative materia medica and satellites • Causticum, thuya occidentalis, comparative medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: suppuration, vaccination, isopathics

The Osteoarticular System: Degeneration and arthrosis  • Four osteoarticular remedies, comparative materia medica and satellites: bryonia alba, phytolacca decandra, rhus toxicodendron, solanum dulcamara • Homeopathic consultation: rheumatology, lumbar-sciatic nerve pain • Anatomic remedies of the osteoarticular system • Homeopathic consultation: the shoulder, biotherapeutic and homeopathic injectables in rheumatology • Homeopathic consultation: torticollis

The Tuberculinic: Tuberculinism with degeneration and demineralization, clinical and biological aspects, tuberculinic reactional mode • The silicium group: pulsatilla, silicea, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: cough, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis • Phosphorus, arsenicum album, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: liver insufficiency, hepatitis, tuberculinum, tuberculins and the B.C.G. vaccination

Total Length:15 hours and 38 minutes


  • 15.00 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 15:00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

The Luetic: The luesa: irritation, ulceration and sclerosis, clinical and biological aspects, luetic reactional mode • The metals: argentum nitricum, aurum metallicum, mercurius solubilis, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: gastroduodenal pathology • The venom group: lachesis mutus, comparative  materia medica and satellites • The acids group: nitric acid, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: hemorrhoids

Digestive and Skin Disorders: The magnesium group: sepia, comparative materia medica and satellites • Anatomic remedies of the digestive tract • The aluminum group: lycopodium clavatum, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: constipation • The potassium group: comparative materia medica and satellites •  Homeopathic consultation: drainage, homeopathy and skin diseases • Homeopathic consultation: eczema

Skin Disorders: The charcoal group: graphites, comparative materia medica and satellites, wet and dry skin • The mercurius and hepar sulfur group: comparative materia medica • Homeopathic consultation: impetigo, furunculosis, herpes, zona • The antimonium group: comparative materia medica and satellites • Observation of nails, constitutional  diagnosis, essential remedies, repertory

Total Length:15 hours and 9 minutes


  • 15.00 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 15:00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

Allergies: Allergic diathesis • The stannum and iodum group • Homeopathic consultation: hay fever  • Summer pathology, food allergies, urticaria, insect bites, sun allergies • The amonium group: comparative materia medica and satellites • Asthmatic disease: diathetic factor, physiopathological remedies, strategy and  treatment • Asthmatic diseases (cont’d)

The Genitourinary System: Semiology of menstruation • Lachesis mutus, platina, sepia, comparative materia medica and satellites • Folliculinum: comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: menopause • Homeopathic consultation: genital indurations, breasts, ovaries, uterus • Lithiasis and diathesis • Homeopathic consultation: gout, prostate remedies • Homeopathic consultation: colibacillosis, candidiasis

Immunization and Vaccinosis: Stages of natural evolution, children diseases, notion of blockage: barriers  • Homeopathic consultation: MMR, whooping cough  treatment • Homeopathic consultation: DPTP, action of tuberculinum on immunoglobulins • Homeopathic consultation: BCG • Vaccination: homeopathic remedies

Total Length: 15 hours and 13 minutes


  • 14.00 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 14:00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

Cardiovascular Disorders: Psychopathology of the vascular patient • Aurum, baryta, plumbum, comparative materia medica and satellites • Heart remedies • Remedies of the arteries • Homeopathic consultation: arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, arteritis • Remedies for the veins: varicose ulcers

Neuropsychiatry: Psychiatric states and diathesis • Argentum nitricum, medorrhinum, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: insomnia • Homeopathic consultation: the newborn, teething and behavior, fears • Homeopathic consultation: the child, restlessness, schooling • Phosphoric acid, comparative materia medica and satellites • Homeopathic consultation: the adolescent, acne, growth • The magnum and zincum group • Homeopathic consultation: migraines • Seven deadly sins

Total Length: 14 hours and 8 minutes


  • 16.25 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 15:00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

The Immune System: What are allergies? • Pollution: food additives, noise, mother-in-law,  bacteria • The four reactions of the body to the environment • Urticaria, hay-fever, cough • Food allergies • Clinical cases 

Isopathy: Use the substance responsible for the disorder: Dust, chemicals, drugs • Plants: ragweed, pollens, graminea • Mycosis: candidas albicans  • Bacteria: streptococcus, staphylococcus • Bowel nosodes 

Vaccination: Why, when and how to use it • Viral epidemic: influenza, mononucleosis, Epstein Barr • D P T P, M M R, B C G • A clinical case

Total length: 16 hours and 15 minutes


  • 15.20 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 15:00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

Etiology: Treatment of Tumors • How to take a case: acute and chronic • Etiologies: the research of the real cause of the problem • Physical, psychological • Reactive modes and their etiologies

Tumors: Genital tumors • Fibroma of uterus • Tumors of the breast, ovaries and masculine gonads • Clinical workshops

Homeopathic follow-up of the cancerous patient: Strategy • Side effects of the allopathic treatments • A clinical case

Total Length: 15 hours and 21 minutes


  • 15.00 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 15:00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

Woman’s Health: P M S: skin eruption, glandular congestion, headaches, digestive disorders, coryza, insomnia, weeping etc… • Breast congestion • Vaginal discharges • Vulvar itching • Hives, eczema, acne • Mental disorders • Clinical workshop

Menopause: Three main disorders: hot flushes, decalcification and weight gain • General symptoms, essential polycrests • Mental symptoms, mental remedies • Hot flushes and sweating • Bulimia, cellulite, decalcification, osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis  • A clinical case

Pregnancy, Delivery, Nursing: Embryology, essential polycrests, mineral remedies • Eugenism: homeopathic care of the child during his intra-uterine life according to the mother’s symptoms during the pregnancy, to the reactive mode of the father and the mother and the general reactive modes dominating in the family • Pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, constipation, fainting, craving and aversions, fears, insomnia etc…

Total Length: 15 hours and 8 minutes


  • 15.00 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 15:50 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

Skin Diseases : Eczema: the logic of the system •  Reactive modes and skin diseases • The line of life and its four spirals • Drainage of the essential emunctories  • Skin aspects, essential polycrests • When and how to use low and high potencies • A clinical case

Essential Skin Diseases: Itching • Herpes • Scars and discoloration • Warts and moles • Erysipela, furunculosis • Psoriasis

Morbid Alternation: Recurrence • Digestive system • Respiratory system • Mental disorders • A clinical case

Total Length: 15 hours and 35 minutes


  • 11.50 CME credits (C.O.N.O.)
  • 15:00 CME credits (O.B.N.M.)

Mental Disorders of the Child: The child through the four reactive modes: psoric, sycotic, luetic, tuberculinic • Sea remedies: ambra grisea, calcarea carbonica, natrum muriaticum, sepia etc… • The capricious child • Hyperactivity • The slow or apathetic child • Mental disorders of children during school

Fears: Natural fears along the line of life • The four reactional modes through psychiatrics • Anatomic remedies of the tightenings • The choice of homeopathic symptoms • Irritability and anger • A clinical case • Anxiety • Depression and manic depression

Total length: 11 hours and 25 minutes

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Copyrights Michel Bouko Levy – 1990 – All rights reserved.  No duplication – distribution of taped or printed material allowed without the express permission of the author.

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