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Nux Vomica


General: sudden variations of nervous flux, violent stimulation of nervous centers, bulb and brain, spine and sympathetic nerves, provoking muscles, viscera, and sphincters spasms. Over excitable, irritable, and sensitive, especially to contact and touch. Portal system congestion, hepatic insufficiency, gastric atony, constipation, slowing down of digestive functions, sedentary life auto-poisoning. Chilly, fast breathing, vasoconstriction, muscles twitches. Good to start chronic treatment with one dose 9CH to clarify symptoms, hay fever leader.

Modalities: most general, strong and faithful

  • < mornings, when waking up
  • < mental exertion
  • < after eating
  • < stimulants, alcohols, coffee, spices, narcotics, all kinds of drugs and medicines
  • < by touch, odors, noises, lights
  • < dry weather, cold, cold wind, least draught of air, Winter
  • > from a nap, a sleep (even short)
  • > if can vomit
  • > strong pressure (BRYONIA)
  • > damp wet weather (CAUSTICUM)

Mind: irritable tension, extremely sensitive to all impressions, the least ailment affects greatly, even fainting. Jovial hyper-active, unremitting effort to fury, impatient. Impulsive angers, fiery and violent, intolerant to least contradiction, disposed to reproach others, sullen, fault-finding, spiteful and malicious, sullen and surly, ugly. Anxiety, difficulty to fall sleep at night, dreams of work, wakes up between 3 and 5am to note ideas which could be forgotten in the morning. Sadness, incapacity to think, varied addictions starting with work, stimulants and drugs, hypochondriasis.

Companion remedies:

  • anxiety, fainting fits, from weeping to laughter: IGNATIA 9CH
  • impatient, malicious, destructive: CHAMOMILLA 15CH
  • excessive flatulence, constipation:
  • ageing, delivery, jumps with fright, lumbar weakness: KALIUM CARBONICUM 5CH
  • liver and duodenum deficiency, angers, arrogant: LYCOPODIUM 5CH
  • fainting at any time, sleepiness, hemorrhoids, pregnancy: NUX MOSCHATA 9CH
  • headaches, vascular spasms, overwork: BELLADONA 9CH
  • high blood pressure, chest anxiety: ACONIT 9CH
  • hay fever, spasmodic sneezing: SABADILLA 15CH

Central remedies:

  • authoritarian, liver congestion, vascular spasms: AURUM METAL 9CH
  • chronic, sad, work addict, constipation, hemorrhoids: SEPIA 5CH
  • anti-psoric, overloaded, sedentary, portal congestion: SULFUR FLAVUM 9CH
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