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General: action on cortico-hypothalamic axis, solar plexus, diaphragm, sympathetic nerves, and pneumogastric nerve, producing smooth muscles excitement. Hyperesthesia of all senses organs, hyper emotionalism, paradoxical attitudes, spasms, ball and point sensations. Hysteria maid of fast reactions, contradictions, superficial and erratic fits. Easily excited, quick to perceive and answer to any emotional element and pervert functions coordination. Effects of worries, grief, disappointment, mourning, divorce, war, precariousness of mental and physical capacities. Tissue remedies clinical relations are mainly phosphor salts, and SILICEA.


  • < grief, sorrow, annoyances, worries, nervous overwork
  • < contradiction, consolation, company
  • < strong odors, external warmth
  • < after meals, coffee, smoking, alcohols, liquids
  • < 11pm (sinking sensation)
  • > when alone
  • > while eating
  • > changing position, strong pressure, by taking deep breath

Mind: superficial and erratic character, sighing and sobbing. The more it thinks about it, the more it feels bad and exaggerates all. Changeable mood, quarrelsome, always wants to catch all attention and have the last word. Introspection, anxiety with inhibition, intense fatigue, sadness, silent brooding, melancholy. Leader to transform an anxiety into a physical problem: sinking in stomach, much flatulence, abdomen spasms, hiccough and vomiting, painful rectum constriction, dry spasmodic cough, cramps, jerks, and itching.

Indications: all forms of anxiety, especially when body reflects the fears. Ignatia action is fast, short, and faithful: 5 granules 3 times a day 9CH, with booster doses 15CH and 30CH, as needed according to remedy answer.

  • Ailments from grief, worry, frustration, vindictive, spiteful: STAPHYSAGRIA 9CH
  • Work and activities overloaded, angers, authoritarian, constipation: NUX VOMICA 9CH
  • Whining restlessness, impatient, violent destructive anger: CHAMOMILLA 15CH
  • Hysterical behaviors, spasms, cramps, chest anxiety, suffocation, palpitations:
  • Timid, dread of people, nervous hypersensitiveness, music causes weeping: AMBRA GRISEA 9CH
  • Premenstrual syndrome, loquacious and restless, : CIMICIFUGA 9CH
  • Aggressive, loquacious, heart and lung anxiety, flushes of heat: LACHESIS 9CH
  • Aimless, hurried, heart anxiety, ovary and womb, consolation <:LILIUM TIGRINUM 9CH
  • Dry sudden violent asthma attack, fainting fits, palpitations: MOSCHUS 9CH
  • Changeable mood, from laughing to crying, spasmodic disorders:
  • Drowsiness, sleepiness, lypothymia, constipation, pregnancy, menopause: NUX MOSCHATA 9CH
  • Sudden changes from hilarity and laughter to anger and melancholy: CROCCUS SATIVA 9CH
  • Imaginary diseases and feelings, hypochondria, easily startled, hay fever: SABADILLA 15CH
  • Spasms, delirium: from fever, BELLADONA 9 CH – furious exhibitionist, HYOSCIAMUS 9CH
  • Nervous depression from sorrow or vexation: GELSEMIUM 9CH and PHOSPHORIC ACID 15CH

Central remedies:

  • Silent grief, misanthropist, hateful, consolation >: NATRUM MURIATICUM 15CH
  • Changeable mood, from laughter to tearing, emotional, > by consolation: PULSATILLA 15CH
  • Indifferent and sad, feels cold, dreads to be alone, > by intense physical exercise: SEPIA 15CH
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