Homeopathic Drainage Repertory By Michel Bouko Levy, MD
2nd Edition

The most awaited book on homeopathic drainage is now available.

  • Hardcover manual
  • Modern and medical terminology
  • 231 general rubrics
  • 566 main symptoms
  • about 500 pages of homeopathic  therapeutics
  • Includes protocols for acute and chronic diseases
  • Additional notes and comments from the author
  • NEW INDEXES:  Therapeutic – Remedies – General – Mind – Modalities – Drainage – Trace Elements​
  • ANATOMIC INDEXES:  Neuroendocrine and Sensations – Cardiovascular – Digestive – Face and Head – Genital Osteomuscular – Respiratory – Skin – Urinary

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Homeopathic Drainage Handbook By Michel Bouko Levy, MD

“Dr. Bouko Levy gives doctors the basic tools they cannot do without. Anyone practicing Homeopathic Drainage should read this book. ” Nada Beserminji, ND, MD (Europe)

A practical guide to Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage:

14 Chapters – 310 pages:

  • Homeopathy and homeopathic drainage explained and illustrated
  • Symptom analysis
  • Disease analysis
  • Constitutions and reactive modes
  • Tissue Salts and tissue salt associations
  • Essential remedies
  • Nervous Regulators
  • Materia medica of 14 central remedies with their companion and satellite remedies, and tissue salt associations
  • Companion and Satellite remedies
  • Constitutions, planets and the four elements
  • Phytotherapy and Phytogemmotherapy
  • Organotherapy
  • Oligotherapy
  • Drainage protocols for specific conditions
  • Indexes:  General, Modalities, Mind, Neuroendocrine, Anatomic,  Drainage, Remedies, Trace Elements​​​​​

ISBN: 978-0-9969007-1-3

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You can now download Homeopathic Drainage and Homeopathic Drainage Repertory on your phone, tablet and computer.