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Drainage History

Drainage According to Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Hanemann

In his aphorisms, Hippocrates speaks very clearly about drainage: “When nature tries to find an exit, the doctor must help it at the site shown – because nature is a better doctor than man, it knows better than him where it is useful to have an exit. – What belongs to perspiration must be eliminated by perspiration; stools by stools; urine by urine.”

He gives good instructions for detoxification for optimum health. Some doctors want to cure all with activation of the eliminations, but we must not be general. The doctor must see where nature wants to operate the drainage of detrimental substances, because “nature is the greatest doctor, man comes after.”

“The secretions to evacuate must be particularly directed to the sites where they tend and by the correct ways. The eliminations must be considered not only according to their quantity but essentially according to their quality; they must be normal and regular.”

Elimination according to the patient energy level

“The doctor must take care that eliminations are easily supported. If what must be evacuated is indeed evacuated, this is useful and is easily supported ; but it is supported with difficulty if it is the contrary. When it is necessary to support them until failure, it is necessary to first examine if the forces of the patient can be sufficient.”

He advises to be careful : “It is rarely necessary to drain during acute diseases, even at the beginning, and has only to be done after having established a complete strategy.”

Elimination of toxins with satellite remedies

Paracelsus based chronic treatment on both organ and its specific elimination channels : “If nature gives you a sign, you must know what it is related to, help toxins get out. If you find a pain at a certain site, you must know that nature wants an emunctory at this place. If the emunctory does not exist naturally, make one because nature wants to have it there.”

“Why this patient cannot heal in spite of all the drainage given ? Because the correct remedy of channeling toxins (draining) has not been used.” Paracelsus used the central remedy at the same time as the channeling remedy. For instance : aurum with melissa, for heart disease ; aurum with chelidonium, for liver disease.

Centrifugal Energy

Hahnemann insisted on the importance of the suppression of skin diseases and mucous secretions, and in the evolution of chronic diseases. By re-establishing these emunctories and opening new emunctories, he shows the ways to cure chronic diseases. Any psoric remedy contains an important power of elimination of toxins, by skin, mucosa, kidneys, etc. That is why all the psoric remedies are excellent remedies for draining toxins.

However, Hahnemann has observed that, in certain cases, the drainage action was too strong and he used antidotes to counteract it. If the reactions were not too violent, he insisted not to interfere.

“Any treatment of chronic disease is useless if we do not calm the excess of sensitivity and irritability which put an obstacle to the good action of psoric remedies.”

Homeopathic Drainage: Dr. Nebel, Vannier, Rouy and Fortier-Bernoville

During the twentieth century, drainage was updated with the constitution and reactive mode approach, medical discoveries about toxic agents, oxidative stress, and general tissue pollution. It is the therapeutic field of phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, and homeopathic low potencies. Drainage acts on emunctories tissue and cells, with two layers of emunctories :

  • Central emunctories : liver, pancreas, kidney, colon, gallbladder, spleen, bladder.
  • Satellite emunctories are needed when high toxic levels cause dysfunction of the major emunctories: skin, lung, nose mucosa, hemorrhoid plexus, joint synovia.

Homeopathic drainage generates two actions, which acts upon cell and tissue invasion by toxins :

  • Support : avoid aggravation which occurs at the beginning of treatment
  • Revitalization: allows a better response from the body, especially when the patient shows little improvement.


Aggravation is like a kick in an anthill. Organ dystonia cannot be resolved without aiming at regulating its functions to be in harmonic resonance with the rest of the body. A typical example is duodenum overload in adult. Sulfur or Phosphorus is most often required, but repeated high potencies are a guarantee for aggravation. Start with satellites, nux vomica, chelidonium, china.

Weakness of action is another aspect of toxicity when the organ is too toxic and slowed down to get in harmony with the rest of the body. Old constipation, recurrent and long-lasting infection need drainage of sycotic mode and related organs.

To be effective, drainage must act at two levels: specific action, elective on a tissue, and elimination action from this tissue until complete elimination from the body is achieved. Homeopathic drainage considers a clinical reality that inflammation might be destined to prevent another. Peripheral inflammation protects from central attack. From center to periphery is the natural way of healing. Homeopathic drainage based on tissue similitude or affinity, plant, mineral, animal, organ, reintegrates the natural external environment of Man to its inner environment.

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