Online Course on Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage

  • Approved for CME credits by the college of Naturopaths of Ontario (C.O.N.O.)
  • Approved for general CME credits by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (O.B.N.M.)
  • 10 Sessions of approximately 18 hours each (Session 5 and 10 are about 15 hours)
  • Homeopathic basics and advanced techniques
  • Organotherapy
  • Gemmotherapy
  • Isopathy
  • Oligotherapy
  • Access from your phone, tablet or computer
Demo sample:  listen to 90 minutes of Dr. Bouko Levy’s teaching and print a sample of supplemental notes.

Elearning: How Does it Work?

After you have completed your purchase, go to the sub-menu of the Course page and click on the session you ordered.  You will be required to register. 

Once you have submitted your registration, we will create your account and give you access to the page where you can listen to the course session you purchased.

There is no time limitation for you to listen to the course.