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General Action

Sycosis, hydrogenous condition.

 Water and toxins retention in reticular-endothelial tissue.

Elimination of body’s daily garbage is insufficient.

 Perversion or defect of immune reactions. Defenses go around in circles, repeating the same antigen antibody conflict.

Pre-cancerous conditions.

Persistent mucous discharges, purulent, offensive, mainly, ENT, genital, urinary, lungs, and skin.

Tumors, vegetation’s, fibroma, polyps, condylar, papilloma, and warts, with excess of localized venous congestions.

Skin oily shiny dirty, leek soup odor. Fat hair falls.

Hands, viscous cold sweats.

Nails deformed, thick, brittle, colored.

Gain of weight, essentially on hips and buttocks.


During and after pregnancy.

To start a treatment when patient presented repeated infections with allopathic remedies, and when vaccination reactions.


< Damp, especially damp cold, damp air, bathing, sweats

< Vaccinations, repeated infections and treatments

< Morning, at 3am and 3pm

< Heat of bed

< Tea drinkers

< After breakfast, fat, coffee

> While drawing up limbs, stretching legs (NUX VOMICA)



Slow and passive nervous system.

Haunted by fantastic fixed ideas of, a strange person by his side, separation of soul and body, something alive moving in abdomen, brittleness, as if body and limbs made of glass, domination by superior power, religious mystics.

Emotional sensitiveness, music causes weeping and trembling.

Apprehension, sadness, guilt, and ugly image of itself.


Always in hurry (ARGENTUM NITRICUM).

Perfectionist, meticulous, order maniac (ARSENICUM ALBUM).

Bad temper, dislikes company, weary of life, peevish, quarrelsome, loss of memory (NATRUM MURIATICUM).

Depression to melancholy, insomnia, wakes up around 4am, thinks of what the day will be and starts to order the different tasks.


  • Ill-effects from:
  • Gain of weight,
  • Pregnancy, abortions,
  • Recurrent infection,
  • Repeated allopathic treatments, antibiotics, hormones, corticoids, narcoleptics, allergy protocols,
  • Vaccinations, desensitization with weight rates toxins.


To start a treatment, when patient presented repeated infections and allopathic medicines, or when pathologies occurred or aggravated after vaccination (see SILICEA, vaccinations): one dose a week of THUYA 9CH, during at least 2 months.

  • Dry and paralyzing, emaciation, anxious and restless < twilight, extremely sensitive to others misfortune, aversion for sweets, desire of smoked meat: CAUSTICUM 15CH
  • Humid and secreting, obesity, children asthma, bronchitis with much mucus, gallbladder, colitis with diarrhea, rheumatisms:

Central Remedies

  • Ailments from chronic infection, repeated vaccinations, emaciation: SILICEA 15CH
  • Depression, fears, insomnia: ARSENICUM ALBUM 15CH
  • Emotional sensitiveness: IGNATIA / STAPHYSAGRIA
  • Infection, swollen painful glands: MERCURIUS 9CH
  • Persistent mild secretions, venous congestion: PULSATILLA 15CH


  • Posterior nostrils chronic complains: CALCAREA CARBONICA

Companion Remedies


  • Apprehensive, precipitated (see Hurried), fixed ideas:


  • Delirium furious:
  • Fever, high, head hot: BELLADONNA
  • Foolish, jealous, suspicious, exhibitionist: HYOSCIAMUS 9CH
  • Night terrors, must have light and company: STRAMONIUM 9CH
  • Fantastic ideas, hysterical:
  • Imagine diseases and being very sick: SABADILLA 15CH
  • Paranoia, jealousy, flushes of heat: LACHESIS
  • Sleepiness during day, fainting conditions, constipation, pregnancy: NUX MOSCHATA
  • Womb conditions, sings and laughs: CROCCUS SATIVA 9CH
  • Hurried, hasty:

Cardiac symptoms: LILIUM TIGRINUM

Disordered activity: SULFUR

            Exhaustion alternates: ARSENICUM ALBUM

            Present everywhere: MERCURIUS

            Hyper activity: NUX VOMICA

            Movement improves mental: TARENTULA

            Night terrors, calmed by light: STRAMONIUM

            Touch over sensitive, angers: HEPAR SULFUR

Trembling of body: NATRUM MURIATICUM

Suffocation: LACHESIS

Satellite Remedies

  • Acne, seborrhea, cysts, pustules:
  • Morning: BERBERIS 5CH
  • Once a month: NATRUM MURIATICUM 15CH
  • Prostate conditions, adenoma: SABAL SERRULATA 5CH
  • Rheumatisms, joints swollen:
  • Fingers, hands: ARANEA DIADEMA 5CH
  • < before storm: RHODODENDRON 5CH
  • Warts:

Genital, lips: SEPIA

  • Horny, soles: ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM
  • Perineum, folds: NITRIC ACID
  • Womb and perinea conditions, genital warts: SABINA 5CH
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