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 General Action

 Psora leader, centrifugal power.

 Constituent of all parts of body, proteins, enzymes and their processes, skeleton, cartilage, muscles, skin, nails, hair, nervous system.


Cellular breathing, general energy and strength.


Localized congestions: orifices, venous, portal, arterial, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, lung, genital, urinary, joints.


Skin and mucosa, periodical mirror of digestive auto-poisoning.


Ill-smelling, intolerant to bathing and covering.


Redness, itching, burning, fetidity, suppuration at all levels.


Ailments from suppression of eruption or any elimination.


Deep chronic plethora. Lack of defenses, parasites, allergies.


To clear case, when selected remedies fail, especially in acute diseases.


When paucity of symptoms, often serves to bring out true drug picture.


Careful with its huge Psoric centrifugal powers.


Prepare the emunctories abilities according to Psoric centripetal metastasis of the patient’s individual evaluation.

Chronic eruptions need low potencies, for other cases use higher potencies and start with 9CH.


Not to be repeated often in most cases.


Growth periods, when thinness prefer SULFUR IODATUM.


Modalities: Alternations and Periodicity


< Warmth, heat in bed (APIS, PULSATILLA)

< Cold, extremely sensitive

< Water, by washing, bathing (ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM, SEPIA)

< Rest, when standing

< Morning, 11am

< Night (insomnia), after sleep

< Eating, before, during, after

< Alcoholics stimulants (LACHESIS, NUX VOMICA)


> Fresh air, opening windows

> Movement (but not fast)

> Lying with legs up (PULSATILLA)

> Leaning on something when standing still

> Dry warm weather




Sociable, lazy, selfish, untidy, careless, negligent, filthy.


Optimistic, sense of the money, self-important, proud of himself, just for show (PLATINA), obstinate (LYCOPODIUM), risk-all, irritable (AURUM), chronic grumbler, arrogant, nasty, dirty habits, foolish kind of happiness.




Loss of memory, drives too many things at same time, full of ideas but cannot realize them, bogged down in the amount of things begun.


Bulimia, craves for sweets and spicy foods.


Fainting sensation by hypoglycemia, hot beating headaches.


Any personality, from most concrete pragmatic and practical, to imaginative refined and philosopher.


Central Remedies


  • Arterial chronic conditions, high blood pressure: AURUM
  • Flushes of heat, > fresh air, opening windows: LACHESIS
  • Hepatic drainage, sedentary, cat-nap sleep: NUX VOMICA
  • Hypoglycemia, sudden: PHOSPHORUS
  • Sinking feeling at stomach around 11am: SEPIA


  • Soles burning, must take feet out of blankets: LYCOPODIUM
  • Venous and portal congestion: PULSATILLA 5CH

Companion Remedies


  • Chronic rheumatisms:


 > by warmth, < before storm: RHODODENDRON

 > by motion, and warmth: RHUS TOX

 > by rest, and pressure: BRYONIA


  • Diarrhea, rectum oozing mucus:
  • Acidity and desires acids, craves for meat, milk disagrees: MAGNESIA CARBONICA 5CH
  • Portal congestion, rectum insecurity, hemorrhoids: PODOPHYLLUM 5CH / MERCURIUS
  • Urgent driving out of bed, morning, hemorrhoids: ALOE 5CH
  • Eczema:
  • Folds, dryness, craves for sweets: LYCOPODIUM
  • Infected, obesity, constipation: GRAPHITES
  • Painful, itching and burning: ARSENICUM ALBUM
  • Headaches, beating, heat on top: BELLADONNA 9CH


  • Laryngitis:
  • Barking: SPONGIA 9CH


Sulfur Salts


Major remedy for infection: painful, extremely sensitive to touch, cold, least draft of air, bad temper: HEPAR SULFUR


  • Acute infection:
  • 5CH for centrifugal action,
  • 9CH for centripetal effect.
  • To concentrate purulence, increase potencies: 9CH, then 15CH, then 30CH
  • Recurrent infections: 15CH to 30CH
  • Alcoholism, aphthae (BORAX, NITRIC ACID): SULFURIC ACID 5CH
  • Catarrhal stomach intestine and rectum, from excesses of food, sweets, acids, and alcohols, < heat and cold bath, tongue coated thick white, cracks in corners of mouth, fretfulness, cannot bear to be touched or looked at, skin dryness and thickening: ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 5CH
  • Children, Tuberculinic, thinness, no appetite but thirst:



  • Chronic soft suppuration, long lasting, biliary drainage: CALCAREA SULFURICA


  • Overloaded Psoric, Sycotic process: NATRUM SULFURICUM
  • Posterior nostrils conditions, orbit bones: CINNABARIS 5CH

Major Psoric


  • Allergies, excesses of life: NUX VOMICA
  • Duodenal functions: LYCOPODIUM
  • Endocrine slowing down, constipation, eczema, folds, face, lips, genital: GRAPHITES
  • Exhaustion, burnt out, thin, cold, and anxious:



  • Intolerant to milk, gluten, meat, many foods, alcohols: SEPIA
  • Stimulate immune system: PHOSPHORUS
  • Unblock barriers, bacterial, vaccinations, infections:
  • Abscess, chronic: STAPHYLOCCOCINUM 15CH
  • Diarrhea, repeated: PARATYPHOIDINUM B 15CH
  • Tonsillitis: DIPHTEROTOXINUM 15CH
  • When energy falls down, periodically, eczema, allergies: PSORINUM 7CH
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