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  • Nutrition function defect, premature ageing of liver, lung, kidney, and skin dryness. Thermoregulation disorders.
  • Elimination attempts, by gallbladder, stomach, right colon, skin, mucosa.
  • Migraines, stones (gallbladder, kidney), arthritis.
  • Uric acid conditions.
  • Craves for sweets.
  • Eating ever so little creates fullness.
  • Dyspepsia to farinaceous, fermentable food, cabbage, beans, sour.
  • Eructation, flatulence, constipation.
  • General weakness, weak memory, fearful neurasthenia, angers.
  • Intellectually keen but physically weak.
  • Emaciation upper part of body, sedentary habit, mentally absorbed.
  • Old in physical appearance, complexion often sallow.
  • Contains Doctor Schüssler Tissue Salts: mainly NATRUM SULFURICUM, and SILICEA.
  • Psoric patient with injured organs and slowing down of functions.
  • Needs Homeopathic Drainage with Companion Remedies and Satellite Remedies, daily in low or medium potency.


  • Right side of body, symptoms run from right to left.
  • < From 4 to 8 pm, afternoon (digestive hour, release of toxins)
  • < Heat: air, room, bed
  • < Morning, waking up (extremely touchy)
  • < Digestion (farinaceous, onions, oysters, fat, pastry, cream)
  • < Contradiction, anger
  • > Warm food and drink
  • > Fresh air, from being uncovered
  • > From untying clothes


  • Authoritarian and headstrong (MERCURIUS), timorous and coward (GELSEMIUM).
  • Extremely sensitive to offense (STAPHYSAGRIA), odors, and noise.
  • Arrogant, disdainful, and insolent (PLATINA), intolerant to contradiction (SEPIA), touchy (NUX VOMICA).
  • Apprehensive (ARGENTUM NITRICUM), of new or little things, easily anxious and despaired, melancholy (NATRUM MURIATICUM), needs company (PHOSPHORUS, PULSATILLA).
  • Fear of anything, people, opposed sex, to be approached, to be abandoned, alone, crowd, ghosts, claustrophobia, dark, constant fear of breaking down under stress.
  • Loss of self-confidence, weak memory (PHOSPHORIC ACID), confused thoughts.
  • Children precocious (SILICEA).
  • Adult well organized (AURUM).
  • Elderly hypochondriacs and avaricious (ARSENICUM ALBUM).


  • Approached, being, aversion:
  • Anxiety when quiet, impulse to run and be violent: IODUM
  • Ferocious, pyromaniac: HEPAR SULFUR
  • Hurried, <, by consolation, obscene: LILIUM TIGRINUM
  • Ill-humor, grinding teeth, worms: CINA 15 CH
  • Peevish, vehement at least contradiction: AURUM
  • Ghosts:
  • Catnaps, selfish, dirty, ill-smelling: SULFUR
  • Menses related to, numbness, coldness: PLATINA
  • Oversensitive, clairvoyant: PHOSPHORUS
  • Restless, < cold and night: ARSENICUM ALBUM
  • Sympathetic, < twilight and obscurity: CAUSTICUM
  • Weeping, easily discouraged: PULSATILLA
  • Men:
  • Crowd, noise, to be approached, heart disease: AURUM
  • Obscurity, madness: PULSATILLA
  • People, death: PLATINA
  • Thieves, people, anything: NATRUM MURIATICUM
  • Thunder storm, alone: SEPIA

Central remedies

  • Arrogant, touchy, ambitious, authoritarian, anger: PLATINA 15 CH
  • Bad temper, gastro-intestinal disorders, flatulence, constipation:NUX VOMICA 5CH
  • Growth difficult, thinness, schooling problems, ENT recurrences, eczema, only eats sweets and drinks a lot:
  • Once a week: SULFUR IODATUM 9CH
  • Daily: Doctor Schüssler Tissue Salts
  • Noble organ deficiency, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, nephritis, bleeding:
  • One dose a week:

o    Morning: PHOSPHORUS 9 CH

o    Evening: LACHESIS 9 CH

 Sycotic evolution, venous congestion, connective tissue deficiency:

  • One dose a week:
  • Morning: PULSATILLA 9 CH
  • Evening: THUYA 9 CH

Companion Remedies

  • Craves for sweets:
  • Apprehensive, obsessional fears: ARGENTUM NITRICUM
  • Joyful, selfish, lazy: SULFUR
  • Irritable, sensitive, whining, only quiet when carried: CHAMOMILLA

Satellite Remedies

  • Dryness and constipation:
  • Cannot digest milk, liver and biliary conditions:
  • Knotty stools: MAGNESIA MURIATICA
  • Large stools: SEPIA
  • Headaches, stomach and liver, asthma: PTELEA
  • Pain by motion, arthritis, extremely irritable: BRYONIA
  • Paretic muscles, lack of vital heat, ageing: ALUMINA
  • Gallbladder function:
  • Morning: CHINA 5 CH
  • Evening: HYDRASTIS 9 CH
  • Kidney function: BERBERIS 5 CH / CHELIDONIUM 5 CH
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