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If you are only using drainage formulas to practice drainage in your practice, you might not get the results you were hoping for. There is more to homeopathic drainage than giving remedy combinations: learn homeopathy and homeopathic drainage or update your knowledge with the teaching of an exceptional teacher: Michel Bouko Levy, MD, who pioneered homeopathic drainage in North America.

Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage” online course is your opportunity to take homeopathic drainage to the next level, and meet many CME requirements. This core course is now available online and is approved for CME credits by C.O.N.O.  Check with your governing Board to see how you can benefit from C.O.N.O. credits in your State/Province.

​You can take this course at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Divided in 10 sessions, you can order one session at the time. The downloadable supplementary notes for each session are provided free of charges. You can also test your knowledge at the end of each session and obtain a certificate of completion.

See what our former students are saying about this course. And more recently:

Dr. Levy’s course was very easy for me to access, both the audio recordings and the notes. Not only did I learn a lot that was never covered in medical school, I also enjoyed Dr. Levy’s teaching style. He introduces large concepts with creative diagrams and catchy examples (like describing Calc Carb as someone like Gorbachev). Then, when he covers individual remedies or more specific learning points, there is already a big picture to frame the details against, that makes it easier to remember. 

Dr. Levy is funny too, and I also like how he talks about bringing homeopathy away from dusty old textbooks and into the modern world. I’ve been wanting to see homeopathy brought into the modern world for so long, ever since I attended school. His notes were very easy to follow and brought forward the most important points, organizing the remedies according to what makes sense. The way he covered the natrum group and the sycotic was illuminating for me. “
Aarti Patel, ND, USA – 12/19/2016

Take advantage of our April Special, valid until April 30th, 2017:

  • Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with supplementary notes:US $119.00 each – NOW $99.00 each
  • Buy all five sessions for more savings: US $595.00 – NOW $450.00 for 73 CMEs ($6.16 per CME credit)
  • Order his latest book, “Homeopathic Drainage,” the indispensable and most up-to-date reference book on homeopathic drainage.

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