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Francoise Becquey


NERVOUS REGULATOR IGNATIA, by Michel Bouko Levy, MD General: action on cortico-hypothalamic axis, solar plexus, diaphragm, sympathetic nerves, and pneumogastric nerve, producing smooth muscles excitement.… Read More »Ignatia


CENTRAL REMEDY LYCOPODIUM, by Michel Bouko Levy, MD GENERAL ACTION Nutrition function defect, premature ageing of liver, lung, kidney, and skin dryness. Thermoregulation disorders. Elimination… Read More »Lycopodium

Nux Vomica

NERVOUS REGULATOR NUX VOMICA, by Michel Bouko Levy, MD General: sudden variations of nervous flux, violent stimulation of nervous centers, bulb and brain, spine and… Read More »Nux Vomica


CENTRAL REMEDY PLATINA, by Michel Bouko Levy, MD. General action: nervous system, spasmodic excitement, followed by paretic and anesthesia state, localized numbness and coldness, compression… Read More »Platina


PULSATILLA General Action Great changeableness, of the patient and of its symptoms.   Catarrhal conditions, acute and sub-acute, discharges copious, creamy, thick, and bland.  … Read More »Pulsatilla

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