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A graduate from the University of Medicine of Marseille, France,1974, and of the French National Institute of Homeopathy in 1983, Dr. Bouko Levy practiced family medicine and hospital emergency care in Edmonston, N.B., Canada, for several years before establishing a private practice in the South of France. Shortly after, one of his patients opened his eyes on the need to supplement his medical knowledge:

“When I opened my first medical office at the beginning of my career, a young woman consulted me for a bad sinusitis. I gave her the appropriate allopathic treatment but back she was, a week later, with stomach pains. According to the knowledge I acquired during my studies at the School of Medicine, I had selected the appropriate allopathic treatment again but back she was, 3 weeks later, with terrible headaches and a severe cystitis. Disease was challenging me. I wanted to understand why the patient developed such a sequence of symptoms, and how I could help. I bought my first book on homeopathy.”

Dr. Bouko Levy obtained the National Diploma of Homeopathic Physician from the Centre Homéopathique de France, l’Ecole d’Homéopathie de l’Hopital Saint Jacques and l’Institut National Homéopathique Français in 1984. He studied and practiced classical homeopathy before incorporating homeopathic drainage into his patients’ treatment. While doing so, he developed a new understanding and method of application of homeopathic drainage that he shared generously through lectures around the world. His expertise as a Homeopathic Physician includes eight years at the Hopital Ambroise Paré as Assistant Homeopathic Pediatrician, and three years as Homeopathic Consultant in the Haemodialysis department of the Hopital  de la Conception.

He taught homeopathy at the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille, France and at the Asociacion Medical Espanola de Homeopatia y Biotherapia in Spain. He also taught a two year course on Homeopathy and Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapies (he later renamed Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapies as Homeopathic Drainage) for the Homeopathic Medicine Association of Canada from 1991 to 1993. He is the founder and faculty member of the Israel Institute of Homeopathy and of the Institut d’Homéopathie de Provence.


Dr. Bouko Levy published his first book, “Everyday Homeopathy” in 1989, and a complete “Homeopathy and Drainage Repertory” in 1993, the first homeopathic repertory to include Homeopathic Drainage.

Through his work, teaching and brilliant synthesis of homeopathy and functional medicine, Dr. Bouko Levy rapidly acquired a reputation as a leader in the field of homeopathy and homeopathic drainage. 

It is of no surprise that he became a successful international lecturer. Dr. Bouko Levy epitomizes the word “art” in Medical Art. He refined his approach with as much instinct as he did with medical science. He is a gifted doctor whose love for his patients and vision for the practice of medicine only has for equal his talent for sharing his knowledge. He teaches with passion, enthusiasm and clarity. Doctors learning from him go back to their office with a new understanding of modern therapies and techniques they can apply to their patients right away. 

Now semi-retired, Dr. Bouko Levy, in collaboration with the Holistic Doctors Recognition Board, is updating his books and teaching material to again share his wealth of knowledge with practitioners around the world. His first publication, “Homeopathic Drainage” was released on November 2015 and is now available to homeopathic practitioners around the world. The second edition of “Homeopathic Drainage Repertory” is scheduled to be released on July 31st, 2018, and is now available for pre-orders.

Dr. Bouko Levy is the co-author of “Nutrition and Integrative Medicine: a Primer for Clinicians,” edited by Aruna Bakhru, MD, F.A.C.P., and published by Taylor and Francis in 2018, where he introduces homeopathy and homeopathic drainage to physicians interested in practicing integrative medicine.

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