Dr. Bouko Levy presented the very first seminar on Homeopathic Drainage in North America in Vancouver, BC, in 1988 and his first complete course in Toronto, ON in the early 1990’s.

This course was called “Homeopathy and the new Biotherapeutics” and included what he then called Biotherapeutic Drainage.

Dr. Bouko Levy later on renamed “Biotherapeutic Drainage” as “Homeopathic Drainage” to better reflect the nature of the substances used as drainage agents.

This course is now available online.



14 Chapters – 310 pages
The most up-to-date book on homeopathic drainage.
Includes practical applications, a trace element repertory and 8 indexes to facilitate search of information.


Second Edition
231 general rubrics
566 main symptoms
625 pages – New structure and new indexes


From the Core Principles and Applications of Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage to Advanced Techniques 

Now approved for Category A CME credits by

the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (C.O.N.O.) in Canada

And for General CME credits by

 the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (O.B.N.M.) in the US.

Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage” will arm you with basic and advanced knowledge of homeopathy and homeopathic drainage. Dr. Bouko Levy teaches how to apply drainage principles based on science and medicine as practiced in the 21st century. His medical approach is sensible and methodical. It will allow you to relate to the practice of homeopathy as a doctor, and apply your new knowledge right away and with confidence.

It is an exceptional course with exceptional content, delivered by an exceptional teacher, as described by many of his former students. Now offered online, “Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage” gives you the ability to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home, or anywhere through your cell phone or tablet.


Aarti Patel, ND

“Dr. Levy’s course was very easy for me to access, both the audio recordings and the notes. Not only did I learn a lot that was never covered at medical school, I also enjoyed Dr. Levy’s teaching style. He introduces large concepts with creative diagrams and catchy examples (like describing Calc. Carb. as someone like Gorbachev). Then, when he covers individual remedies or more specific learning points, there is already a big picture to frame the details against that makes it easier to remember. 

Dr. Levy is funny too, and I also like how he talks about bringing homeopathy away from dusty old textbooks and into the modern world. I’ve been wanting to see homeopathy brought into the modern world for so long ever since I attended school. His notes were very easy to follow and brought forward the most important points, organizing the remedies according to what makes sense. The way he covered the natrum group and the sycotic was illuminating for me. “


​Your Teacher: Michel Bouko Levy, MD
​An Accomplished Physician and Homeopath

A graduate of the University of Medicine of Marseille, France,1974, and of the French National Institute of Homeopathy in 1983, Dr. Bouko Levy practiced family medicine and hospital emergency care in Edmonston, N.B., Canada, for several years before establishing a private practice in the South of France. Shortly after, one of his patients opened his eyes on the need to supplement his medical knowledge:

“When I opened my first medical office at the beginning of my career, a young woman consulted me for a bad sinusitis. I gave her the appropriate allopathic treatment but back she was, a week later, with stomach pain. According to the knowledge I acquired during my studies at the School of Medicine, I had selected the appropriate allopathic treatment again but back she was, 3 weeks later, with terrible headaches and a severe cystitis. Disease was challenging me. I wanted to understand why the patient developed such a sequence of symptoms, and how I could help. I bought my first book on homeopathy.”